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Ningbo’s Foreign Trade Volume Joins China’s Top 10
2014-04-03 10:59:55 visits:572

  Ningbo generated a total import and export volume of 82.9 billion USD last year, ranking the ninth among all 36 provincial capitals and sub-provincial cities. This was the first time it has made to the top 10.

  During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, the city has been carrying out an open strategy and laying an equal emphasis on domestic and international markets. Particularly in recent two years, Ningbo has been working on transforming the economy from Ningbo-made to Ningbo Created and Ningbo Developed, stressing product design and branding. So far, the city has 573 engineering centers based in enterprises (excluding foreign-funded ones) and 26 testing and accreditation public service platforms.

  The import trade last year reached 30.94 billion USD, up 39.6%, about 2.7 times that of 2005, accounting for 42.4% of the total of Zhejiang province. Currently, Ningbo has become an import base of waste metals, plastics, iron ore, liquefied chemicals. A number of big import corporations have been cultivated, including the largest nickel dealer in the world.

  The status of Ningbo being a large foreign trade city has been further strengthened. Statistics show that from 2006 to 2010, the foreign trade import and export trade has been increasing at an annual rate of 20%, higher the GDP growth. When calculated based on the permanent residents of 5.74 million, the per-capita amount hit 14000 USD, even higher than that of Japan or Italy.

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