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ocument of Instruction for Ningbo Statistics Bureau & Ningbo Inspection Quadrant of National Statistics Bureau
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Responsible offices

Human resources, logistics, finance, security, retired staff, document & information management, fixed assets procurement & management, archives, statistics education & training, statistics certification (delegated by the provincial bureau), statistics professional qualification, initiate statistics research projects, questionnaire filing & approval, statistics database certificates, statistics agency approval, annual inspection & other miscellaneous services


Main Office

Statistics collection & arrangement, statistics consulting, statistics yearbook editing, statistics news & broadcast, secretarial work for statistics institute

Department of General Works

Statistics rules & methods management, national economy accounting, statistics for financial industry

Department of National Economy

Demographics, technology, wages, cultural industry & social statistics

Department of Society & Technology Statistics

Popularize statistics law, produce statistics. law, law execution

Department of Legal

Industrial sector statistics, energy statistics

Department of Industrial Sector & Energy Statistics

Trade statistics, accommodation & catering statistics, transportation statistics, tourism industry statistics, outward economy statistics, FDI statistics, other tertiary sectors statistics


Department of Tertiary Sector Statistics

Agriculture, forestry, livestock, fishery statistics, agricultural product producer price statistics

Department of Rural Area Statistics

Investment, real estate & construction industry statistics

Department of Investment Statistics

Political infrastructure & party development

Statistics Bureau’s Party Committee

Development, maintenance & management of the Ningbo Statistics Bureau website, data warehouse maintenance & management, software development, database maintenance & management

Center of Computation

Economy, agriculture, demographics survey statistics, information management, data consulting, social & living standards research, maintenance & management of the Ningbo general survey website, name list update & maintenance for statistics organizations

Center of General Survey

Special purpose inspection, rapid inspections, maintenance & management of Ningbo inspection website

General Office of Inspection Department

Real estate, industrial products, fixed asset investment & other price statistics

Producer Price Office of Inspection Department

Urban residents statistics inspection

Urban Residents Office of Inspection Department

Rural residents statistics inspection

Rural Residents Office of Inspection Department

Sampling inspection of under-sized industrial companies

Industry Office of Inspection Department

Consumer price inspection

Consumer Price Office of Inspection Department

Commercial prosperity inspection, corporates & target corporates inspection, procurement manager index inspection

Survey Office of Inspection Department

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