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Boom in exporting cultural products
2011-04-11 15:50:34 visits:1045

Stimulated by the construction of a "cultural metropolitan city”, Ningbo’s exports of cultural products and services surged. According to statistics from Ningbo Customs on March 28, in the first two months of this year, the city's exports of cultural products and services totaled 55.59 million dollars, with America and EU, the major export markets accounting for about 60%

Emerging cultural industries represented by the animation industry rise significantly. At present, Yinzhou District alone has 36 animation enterprises, employing nearly 2000 people. Last year, it completed 20 thousand minutes of animation work, ranking second in Zhejiang Province. Animation films, independently developed by enterprises such as Shuimu, Xuanran, Kaku and Xuanyi have won wide acclaim in oversea markets. The animation game “Empire Reborn” produced by Xuanran was exported to Japan, South Korea and Europe. Recently, Ningbo SG-TY technology Co. signed cooperative agreements with AeriaGames, the largest operator for free game in North America who will be responsible for marketing the sports game “Tianyijue” in North America.

Supported by the advanced manufacturing industry in Ningbo, cultural products including books and pianos grow steadily. As a famous stationery manufacturing and export base, Ningbo exports one-third of the country’s total stationary annually. In recent years, a group of Ningbo stationery enterprises represented by Guangbo Group, move into the printed book business which has higher profits and adding value. "Last year, our exports of top-quality books surpassed 10 million dollars, with gross profits at around 20%.” said an official in Guangbo Group. The pianos produced by Ningbo HaiLun Piano Company--the first batch of national key enterprises in exporting cultural products, were exported to Europe, U.S., and the Asia Pacific region, enjoying the privilege to be displayed permanently on the stage of Golden Hall in Vienna, Austria and were selected Royal piano by the Danish royals

Exports of culture and services have taken a big step forward. In February this year, the city’s large customs drama “The Grand Trousseaus, Dream of a Maiden ", which had previously successfully performed in countries such as Germany, Poland, Austria, also enjoyed a full house over three consecutive three days in Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Its success boosts the confidence of cultural enterprises in Ningbo to expand oversea commercial performances.
Investing 300 thousand euros, Ningbo Grand Theatre will work together with companies in home and abroad to produce the big-screen musical "Sissi" and go on tour in Germany, Hungary, and the Czech Republic and other countries

Customs statistics show that last year, the city exports of cultural products amounted to 390 million dollars, a year-on-year increase of 25.4%, covering visual art, print, audio and video products, audio-visual media and so on. "Although the export of cultural products and services in Ningbo starts late, the city has a good industrial foundation. This year, relevant departments will encourage more cultural enterprises to 'go out' and continue to enhance the worldwide understanding and recognition of the culture in Ningbo and China in order to gain a place in the International cultural markets.” said an official from Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Bureau.

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