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Roles & responsibility of Ningbo Inspection Quadrant of National Statistics Bureau
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 Ningbo Inspection Quadrant of  National Statistics Bureau




#91 Jiefang Bei Road


Hot Phone 0574-87186625 Email hangdong.sun@nbstats.gov.cn

Roles & Responsibilities of Ningbo Statistics Bureau

Ningbo Inspection Quadrant of National Statistics Bureau is a government statistics inspection organization as well as statistics law execution organization, to conduct independent inspection and supervision. The organization report is directly sent to the National Statistics Bureau and Zhejiang inspection quadrant on inspection results, and help accountable for the accuracy and authenticity of all reported results. At the same time, the organization is also responsible for any statistics inspection assigned by the local government.
1、Complete all inspection tasks assigned by the National Statistics Bureau.
2、Conduct any statistics inspection assigned by the local government.
3、Complete tasks assigned by provincial inspection quadrant.
4、Assist local statistics bureau to complete major surveys
5、Organize & consult local inspection teams on statistics work.
6、Responsible for execution on violations of statistics regulations during statistics inspections.
7、Responsible for party development, discipline & staff management of the inspection quadrant.
8、Complete any other assignment from National Statistics Bureau and provincial quadrant.

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