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Roles & Responsibilities of Ningbo Statistics Bureau
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     Ningbo Statistics Bureau 




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Roles & Responsibilities of Ningbo Statistics Bureau

1. To implement statistics reform, statistics work regulations, modern statistics development & statistics inspection plan in Ningbo, under the compliance with national, provincial, local laws, regulations and plans.
2. Develop national economy statistics system & statistics target metrics, design a standardized statistics report format for Ningbo, based on the needs of macro-management & scientific decision-making.
3. Collaborate with relevant parties to organized major surveys, and coordinate social economy research in all departments in districts and counties. Check all statistics research plans & proposals; centrally coordinate the management of all statistics reports in Ningbo.
4. Collect, arrange and provide basic statistics information for Ningbo and other regions, conduct statistics analysis, forecast and monitoring regarding national economy, social development and technological development, provide statistics data, consulting, recommendation & other services to the city government.
5. Centrally verify, manage, broadcast, publish city-wide statistics information, develop and optimize regulations regarding statistics report broadcasts, plan, manage & coordinate consulting services for city statistics, actively train & develop the service market for statistical information. Organized social & economy development evaluations.
6. Develop & optimize automated system for statistical information, advice all districts, counties to construct information systems & data warehouse.
7. Support districts, counties responsible individuals to advice on the development of statistics infrastructure & registration of statistical agencies. Centrally responsible for the statistical research budget by the central statistics department.
8. Organize and advice statistics education, staff training, assist relevant parties to improve the work on statistics qualifications and certifications; ensure statistics employees are qualified statisticians.
9. Organize city-wide statistics research topics; promote statistics profession & statistics academic research and cooperation.
10. Responsible for any other assignment by the local government.

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