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Thirteen Overseas Training Agencies Came to Ningbo to Promote Themselves
2010-06-18 15:14:36 visits:977
The ZJITS Overseas Training Agency Promotion Meeting was held yesterday at the Century Hotel.
To improve the quality of various training agencies of Zhejiang and to establish long-term cooperative mechanism with overseas training agencies, the ZJITS this year organized a promotion meeting of overseas training agencies, which was the first ceremony of the kind of the ZJITS.
Thirteen overseas training agencies came to the meeting. They introduced their training programs, their features and advantages. They also talked with leaders of personnel from 15 institutions of Zhejiang.
It is learned the thirteen agencies came from the UK, the US, Australia, France, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Singapore and HK, all foreign language training agencies designated by the National Foreign Experts Administration. They are respectively Birmingham University of the UK, The 21st Century Institute of the US, Australian International Cooperation Association, Association of  France-China Promotion, etc.
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