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Import and Export Increased by 20%
2009-12-29 09:25:55 visits:1007
The fourth season of the year saw the recovery of import and export in Ningbo. Statistics from Ningbo Customs shows that the import and export volume in November reached 5.28 billion US dollars, which means a 20.3% increase over the same period over last year. For the first time, the foreign trade volume obtains a positive growth. Among the total trade volume, the import volume reached 2 billion US dollars, an increase of 82.3% over the same period of last year while the export reached 3.28 billion US dollar, a decrease 0.4% over the same period over last year.

  By the end of November, the total trade volume has reached 54.21 billion US dollars, a decrease of 14.2%. The import volume reached 19.64 billion US dollars while the export reached 34.57 billion US dollars. The favorable balance between export and import reached 14.93.

      Statistics shows that the export to Ningbo’s major trade partners, European Union, The United States of America, Taiwan and Japan, increased greatly. The export volume to these countries and areas reached respectivly 13.1%, 26.6%, 65.9%, 22.7%.
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