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Jiangbei Issued Loans of 2.7 Billion yuan in May
2009-09-29 09:54:09 visits:1026


According to the reports by the 12 banking institutions in Jiangbei District of Ningbo, in May, the balance of loans and the balance of deposits are respectively 34.971 billion yuan and 26.979 billion yuan, respectively 320 million yuan and 2.735 billion yuan above April, and the ratio between the balance of loans and the balance of deposits reaches 77.15%.

"The steady development of depositing and loaning business of the banking institutions reflects the steady increase of the economic and social development, as well as the living conditions of the people, and it is also a capital guarantee for the stability and structural transformation of the economy," said a professional insider. However, the steady increase of the balance of loans and the balance of deposits does not mean the banks have made substantial progress in promoting the economic stability and the structural transformation. There is still considerable pressure for the regional economy.

"The growth rate of the deposits drops down and the people prefer investment", this is the situation of the depositing business of the banks in the past five months. In May, the balance of the deposits is 13.273 billion yuan, only 70 million yuan more than April. The recovery of macro economy makes the people more confident in the real property market and the stock market. The balance of deposits by enterprises and public institutions amounts to 21.698 billion yuan, 25 million yuan more than the previous year. This is mainly due to the steady increase of deposits by enterprises.

With the rapid urban development and construction, the banks in Jiangbei District have greater confidence in issuing loans. There comes a greater demand for the funds for construction of infrastructural facilities and development of key projects. This leads to the increase of the loans to the government. According to the data of May, in the month, the balance of loans to the government is 6.843 billion yuan, 467 million yuan more on a monthly basis and 3.658 billion yuan above the same period of the previous year. These loans provide capital guarantee for the key projects in the district.

Jiahe is the only banking institution of small loans in Jiangbei, and it plays an active role in serving the agricultural economy and the middle and small enterprises. Since its opening in March this year, Jiahe has issued loans of 213.29 million yuan, getting a profit of 1.24 million yuan.

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