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Cixi's Family Farms Become the Player of Agricultural Market
2009-09-29 09:53:29 visits:1027


In recent years, Cixi City has persistently perfected the collective land transfer system, and encouraged the land transfer to cooperatives and leading agricultural enterprises, so as to nurture and develop the agricultural market players. Today, the family-based farms have become an important part in the agriculture in Cixi. At present, the city has 450 modern family farms, each of which has over 50 mu of land. Of the 450 farms, 15 have over 1,000 mu, 37 have over 500 mu and 362 have over 100 mu. The total of the land of these farms amounts to 100,000 mu, and the production of the farms covers agriculture, forestry, husbandry and fishery. It is estimated that the output per mu of these farms is about 4,250 yuan, 30% above the traditional agriculture. The profit made by the farms engaged in special forestry products, husbandry and marine products is far higher than other farmers. Some modern farms in high and new agricultural products have their profit 80% above the traditional farmers.

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