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6000 Ningbo Enterprises Benefited by Adjusted Export Tax Refund
2009-09-29 09:52:51 visits:1034


The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration on Taxation recently released "Notice on the Increase of the Rate of Export Tax Refunds for Some Commodities". This is the 7th increase of the export tax rebate rate China has made in the past 11 months and it benefits over 6,000 enterprises of Ningbo.

According to the catalogue of the commodities for the raised export tax rebate rates, from June 1, 2009, the export tax rebate rate for such commodities as transmission equipment for TV sets and sewing machines is to be raised to 17%, and for commodities including canned food, juice, bags, shoes, toys, furniture and so on, the rate is to rise to 15%.

According to a related person from Ningbo Foreign Economic Cooperation Bureau, compared with the past 6 adjustments, this adjustment is greater and involves more commodities. Based on the statistics from the customs for 2008, the adjusted export tax refund involves 6,392 enterprises of Ningbo, whose export values 18.447 billion US dollars, covering 39.8% of the total value of export in Ningbo.

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