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Statistics of National Economy and Social Development of Ningbo, 2004
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In 2004, under the leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and Government, Ningbo citizens carried out the national macro adjustment and control policy conscientiously and advanced "associable operation of the six major parts" strategy sturdily, actively dissolved the unfavorable factor of economic development, stressing coordinating in an all-round way and sustainable development. The total supply and demand has realized the historical leap. Every social undertaking has caused progresses in an all-round way, the living standards of the people improved steadily, and every task of national economic and social development has been finished better.

Comprehensive summary

GDP. According to the preliminary statistics, in the year 2004, GDP amounted to 215.804 billion RMB, increasing by 15.5% compared with that of last year and it had been realized a new break-through. Economical operation presented "high beginning and stable operation" trend. The GDP of the first quarter, the first half of the year, the third quarter and the whole year increasing degree is respectively 15.2%, 16.1%, 15.3% and 15.5%. The independence and resistance of fluctuation of the economic growth are strengthened.

Industrial structure. The industrial pattern of "two, three and one" was stabilized. The value added to Primary industry amounted to 12.350 billion RMB, 5.0% higher; the secondary industry’s was 123.021 billion RMB, 16.6% up; The tertiary industry’s was 80.433 billion RMB, 15.8% up. The industry proportion was 5.7%, 57.0% and 37.3% respectively, among them the proportion of the tertiary industry improved by 0.5 percent compared with that of last year. The contribution rate to the economic growth of industry was respectively 2.1%, 60.4% and 37.5%.

Market and price. Influenced by the factors of food price rise, etc., in the year of 2004, the total level of resident's consumption price in the urban area was 2.7% higher than last year. But from the whole year’s tendency, the breadth of price rise had been slowed down month by month since midyear. Pushed by such rise as production material, steel, crude oil, readymade oil and chemical products, etc., the total level of industrial products’ producer price was 6.82% higher than last year. The total level of raw materials’ purchasing price, fuel, motives force rose by 17.93%.

Employment and reemploying. The positions newly increasing were 120,600, 25,900 newly developed community positions and 6465 community public beneficial positions. 591 informal employment organizations were set up, and 29,500 unemployed people were provided reemployment training, among them 25,100 people got various of certificates and the post-training rate was 56%. By the end of the year, 70,990 unemployed people obtained employment again, including 23,000 people for whom it was difficult to get a job. The employment situation was steady continuously, and the urban registered unemployment rate was 3.75%. Ningbo has become the advanced unit of the national reemployment work and one of the cities easy to obtain employment

Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery.

The agricultural rural economy increased continually and steadily. The value-added of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery amounted to 12.35 billion RMB, 5.0% higher than last year. Agriculture's fundamental position was consolidated, provision-production had been realized thorough growth, and provision-sown area was 145,000 hectares in the whole year, up 6.2%. The output was up to 837,000 tons, up 10.7%, which had turned back the dropping situation for years. The production of forestry maintained a good prospect. Afforestation area was 979 hectares altogether, among which deforest formerly cultivated land 530 hectares forest changed from farming land and 233 hectares deforest formerly land refreshed. The production of animal husbandry went up steadily. Our city overcame the poultry industry difficulty brought by high-risk bird flu epidemic situation taking place in the countries and regions around us, and kept the good growth momentum of animal husbandry. Animal husbandry output value was 2.965 billion RMB, up 5.9%. The fishery production developed steadily. The output of the aquatic products of the whole city was 9.27 million tons, 2.6% more than last year. The output value of fishery amounted to 6.863 billion RMB, 4.1% more than last year.

Ningbo develop green agricultural products further, strengthened the quality safety management of agricultural products, ran the leading enterprises bigger and stronger, and develop all kinds of professional cooperative economic organizations of countryside. There were 9 pieces of national-level organic food, 49 pieces of pollution-free food, and 113 environment-friendly agricultural products in the whole city whose producing area was 26,700 hectares. Ningbo boasted 6 national-level, 16 province-level, 172 city-level leading enterprises of agriculture and 383 all types of professional cooperative economic organizations in the countryside. The plant and breed aquatics base outside city covered more than 80,000 hectares. The export agricultural products managed by factories or enterprises amounted to 450 million dollars, 15% more than last year. Agricultural standardization production was implemented further, and the amplify quality testing network system of the products was set up. There had been 7 city-level quality check organization of agricultural product and 5 county-level monitoring centers of quality in the whole city.

Industry and construction.

Industrial production kept increasing. All industrial added value was 108.675 billion RMB, increasing by 16.6% compared with that of last year, among them the large scale industrial added value was 78.670 billion RMB, up 16.6%. Industrial production increase presented the pattern that pluralism drove. From the view of ownership, various kinds of economic sector industry had increased overall, among them the shareholding system, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan invested, privately owned, the foreign-invested enterprise gross output value respectively increased by 33.1%, 33.4%, 235% and 33.5%, spurred industry to increase by 23.2%. The driving effect of the key area was obvious to the industry increases of the whole city. The five districts (cities), Zhenhai, Yinzhou, Beilun, Cixi, Yuyao, achieved the total industrial output value of 250.590 billion RMB, with the contribution rate of 76.9%, and spurred the industry of the whole city to increase 205 percentage points. The industrial restructuring achieved positive progress. The technology levels of some traditional trades were improved, the support and induced effect of the pillar trades were strengthened, and the developments of some new high-tech industries were accelerated. The first five major trades of 33 big-class trades achieved the output value of 161.240 billion RMB, 45.8% of total industrial output value and its contribution rate was 48.7% to the industry increases. Most of the output of major industrial product kept growing. Among the 211 kinds of key products counted, there were 148 kinds keeping growing, covering 70% of the whole proportion.

The industrial economic benefits increased steadily. The state-run and the non-state-owned industrial enterprise with more than 50 million RMB annual sales income realized 349,408 million RMB products sales income, 26.9% more than last year. The sales rate of the products was 97.98%; the realized profits tax was 40.104 billion RMB, up 20.4%, among them 24.191 billion RMB profit, up 22.4%; the composite index of industrial economic benefits was 219. 92.

The construction increased in an overall way. Its value-added of the year was 14.346 billion RMB, 216% more than last year. Building enterprise achieved 63.070 billion RMB construction output value, 32.9% more than last year; the construction area was 80,139,000 square meters, up 28.3%; the completed area was 24,683,000 square meters, up 32.8%. Building enterprise institutional framework was regulated to the skill-intensive, managing-intensive, fun-intensive direction. The market competitiveness was being strengthened constantly and the economic benefits continued improving. The overall labor productivity calculated by output value of construction was 128,700 RMB per person, 6.6% more than last year.

The investment in fixed assets.

The growth of the investment in fixed assets eased up. The increase volume of it began to fall off after rising season by season since the beginning of the year. The whole society investment in fixed assets was 109.570 billion RMB, 31.1% more than last year, and the increasing dropped by 7.9 % compared with the same period of last year. From the tendency of the whole year, the increase of the first quarter was 62.3%, the first half of the year was 56.5%, and the third 40.4%. The increase volume of investment fell after rising season by season. In the investment in fixed assets of the whole society, cities’ and towns’ was 75,260 million RMB, up 35.9%; the country’s was 34.310 billion RMB, up 21.5%. The infrastructure investment of the city was the main body of the increase in investment of the whole city. Some great projects and works this year made the above-norm infrastructure investment of the whole city up to 32.960 billion RMB, 50.9% and 28.4 percentage points more than last year. The real estate investment was 23.440 billion RMB, up 27.2%. The enthusiasm of non-governmental investment still ran high. The non-governmental investment was 54.516 billion RMB in all, up 291% and accounting for 49.8% of the whole society’s investment in fixed assets. The investment structure changed to some extent. The investment on the primary industry dropped, the secondary and the tertiary industry’s investment increased in an overall way. The investment on the primary industry was 2.32 billion RMB, 37.6% less than last year; the investment on the secondary industry was 54.516 billion RMB, up 36.7%, among them, 54.433 billion RMB in industry was that increased by 37.1%; the investment on the tertiary industry was 54.766 billion RMB, increasing by 26.5%. Urban newly increasing fixed assets were 28.341 billion RMB in the whole year. The construction area of various available housing in the city and towns was 8,262,000 square meters, dropping by 15%.

Home trade and travelling

The market sale of the consumable was steady and advanced. Its total volume of retail sales was 59.563 billion RMB in the whole year, up 14.2%, and 1.5 percentage points higher than last year. The scope effect of trade and business enterprise was shown especially further. The above-norm wholesale and retail enterprise of the whole city had been realized 19.610 billion RMB retail sales of social consumable, up 28.8%, 14.6 percentage points higher than the average level. The catering trade was still the main highlight of the market increases. The retail sale of the catering trade was 8.346 billion RMB, up 24.2%, 10 percentage points higher than average level. The consumption of urban resident demonstrated the obvious structure-upgrade leading, and such new-type consumption as housing, automobile, information products, etc., intensified continuously. The sale of commodity apartment was 17.510 billion RMB in the whole year, 15.0% more than last year. The communication apparatus of the above-norm wholesale and retail enterprise increased by 280%, the food and beverage, cigarette and drinks increased by 28.4%, the cultural and office supplies increased by 32.7%, the Chinese and Western medicines increased by 24.6%, and the sports, amusement articles increased by 27.4%. By the year's end, the private car amount reached 112,400, up 47.2% compared to the last year. Each kind of commodity market developed fast. By the year's end, there were 639 exchange markets of various commodities, and the business volume was 91,200 million RMB. The large-scale backbone markets with more 1 billion RMB year business volume was 86, and its business volume was 80,470 million RMB.
Tourist industry moved forward steadily. The whole city received 322,000 entry tourists, 45.4% more than last year. Tourism earned 153 million dollars foreign exchange, up 53.3%; Receiving 20,100,000 domestic tourists, up 16.9%, and domestic tourist earnings were 19.250 billion RMB, 23.5% more than last year. The total income of tourism was 20.520 billion RMB, up 25.1%.

Foreign-oriented economy

External economy maintained a better growth. The annual total volume of imports and exports was 26.113 billion dollars, 38.8% more than last year, among them 16.690 billion dollars exports increasing by 38.2%, and 9.423 billion dollars imports increasing by 39.9%. The sustainable development ability of the foreign trade was strengthened further, and the available result of the structural adjustment peeped. Processing trade exports and productive enterprise exports was 2.9 and 3.7 percentage points separately more than last year, which drove the local specialties rate up 2 percentage points; Electronic product exports was 51.3% of the proportion, 3.6 percentage points higher than last year. New high-tech product export proportion raised by 1.1 percentage points. The whole city had more than 4000 import and export enterprises with actual achievement and the enterprises whose value of imports and exports was more than 100 million dollars appeared. The countries(regions) having direct imports and exports trade with our city were 204, among them 41 countries(regions) ’ volume of trade exceeded 100 million dollars, European Union, U.S.A., Japan continued keeping the status of top three major trading partners of our city.

The foreign capital utilization grew steadily. The new-approve foreign-invested enterprises were 1081 in the whole year, 8.036 billion dollar gross investment, 4.136 billion dollar contracted foreign capital, and 2.103 billion dollar foreign capital actually utilized. The rate of contracted and actually utilized foreign capital increased by 20.1% and 21.8% respectively. The "attract foreign capitals with the folk " program moved forward steadily with 417 foreign-funded projects newly sanctioned, 1.599 billion dollar investment in all, and 567 million dollar contract foreign capitals, covering 38.6%, 38.7% and 13.7% of the total amount of the whole city respectively. The "Attract foreign capitals with the foreign" program made notable effect, 427 foreign-invested enterprises increasing their investment, the total investment increased by 2.106 billion dollars, the contract foreign capitals increased by 1.023 billion dollars, taking 39.5%, 26.6% and 24.7% of the total amount of projects respectively. The foreign merging tendency made great achievement. The foreign capital merging sanctioned newly programs were 48, the total investment of which was 161 million dollars, the contract foreign capital was 75 million dollars, and the amount of the merging project and contract foreign capital increased by 2.7 times and 1.7 times respectively. The growth of foreign-funded project of the tertiary industry was powerful including 143 foreign-invested tertiary industry projects sanctioned newly, 428 million dollar contract foreign capital, 253 million dollar actual foreign capital increasing 25.4%, 72.9% and 71.7% respectively and covering 13.2%, 10.4% and 12.1% respectively of the total amount of the whole city.

The foreign economic and technological cooperation developed steadily. The turnover of external contracting projects and labor service cooperation was 484 million dollars, up 30.6%; Sending 1818 people to some other departments and 7123 people abroad by the yearend. There were 82 foreign enterprises newly Sanctioned in the year, 10 processing trade projects among them.

Transportation, post and telecommunication

In the year 2004, the investment for the transportation construction increased most quickly in history. The investment used for the fixed assets of the transportation was 10.280 billion dollars, 116% more than last year. The harbor construction got on a new step again and some ports were set up. Berth 3 and 4 of Beilun international container quay’s forth step and the Yongxin quay of Daxie were built up and drop into producing as a trial. The project of rural healthy and rich village made outstanding achievement finishing 950 kilometers newly built, reconstructed rural highways in the year, and the grade highway linking 421 villages. The throughput of the goods was 22,600 million tons, up 22%, and continued occupying the second of coastal ports steadily; The throughput of completion container was 4,050,000 standard ones, up 44.4%, and it exceeded Tianjin harbor’s and leaped to the fourth of continent coastal ports, the increasing degree continued keeping the first of coastal ports of national continent. 32 courses were newly opened, the branch line in the Changjiang River was opened up, the monthly ships exceeded 500, the courses over 115, and the major marines reached 53. Ningbo harbor had already been open up to navigation at more than 600 ports of more than 100 countries and regions in the world at present. The transportation production rose steadily, transporting 270 million passengers and 160 million tons goods, up 8% and 15%. The annual throughput of passenger of civil aviation was 1,850,000 people, increasing by 42.5% and hit a highest level in history. The transportation capacity increased fast, and the transportation structure was being improved constantly. The net loading capacity of water transportation reached 1,360,000 tons, up 23%. The automobile owning amount of the whole society was 265,000, up 26.7%, 165,400 passenger automobiles among them with 1,023,500 seats; 9755 passenger cars with 132,700 seats were operating,. The collecting and distributing network of the express passenger transportation began to take shape, and 84 circuits of high-speed and express passenger transportation were opened altogether in the year.

Postal service and telecommunications service increased steadily. The total amount of postal and telecommunication service was 504 million and 625,100 million RMB respectively in the year. There were 296,720,000 household regular telephone subscribers (including little smart) in the whole city and the popularity rate of the telephone was 52.79 lines per one hundred people. Mobile phone users and internet users were 4,210,000 households and 1,040,200 household respectively by the end of the year, increasing comparatively fast compared with last year.

Urban construction and management

The urban construction and management made new development. The investment in fixed assets of urban construction was 6.9 billion RMB, 4.4 billion RMB for the urban area among them. The first stage of the North External Loop subject completed, the west end of South External Loop began to work, and the eastern section subject was completed. Urban Road System was perfected further, the 3rdp phase of Jiangnan Road was finished, Jiangbei Road was reconstructed, Sangtian Road was opened to the traffic, Tongtu Road (Qingfeng bridge) was put into operation, Zhongshan Western Road-Xiaowen Street, north road around the city-Daqing North Road, and the reconstruction of the Yaohang street crossing, etc, were finished one by one, and the underpass of Zhongshan Road- Rixin Street had been cut through. The urban grade was being promoted constantly, the Sun Lake Park, North External Loop afforesting project and South External Loop afforesting project, etc. were built up. The Houwang River was completed to renovate, the sewage disposal and silt-prevention project was started, and the Bund "resurgence " project and the development and protection of the ancient county Cicheng were carried out. The transformation that urban every household had an ammeter of running water was accelerated, and the transformation of nearly 300,000 households had been finished altogether. More than 20 public transportation routes were newly opened up in the urban area in the year, more than 200 bus shelters were newly built, about 10 pieces of special bus for night were opened up, the time of more than 40 public transits line was dallied, and more than 40 public transportation routes were made to operate after half past 8 in the evening. The maintaining competence of municipal facilities improved further, finishing 133,100 square meters pavement reconstruction. More than 20 breeds about 10,000 trees were planted in the urban area and the management of over 200,000 square meters green land was admitted the management in free. The newly increasing park greenery area was 195 hectares, with100-hectare urban areas among them. Ningbo had won the title of national sanitary city.

 Finance, banking and insurance

The financial situation was steady. The whole city made 28.83 billion RMB general budgetary receipts of finance, among which, 13.66 billion RMB central fiscal revenues increased by 19.1% with the requirements compared with that of last year; 15.17 billion RMB local fiscal revenues increasing by 29%. Calculated by the requirements before the reform of export tax rebating system, the general budgetary receipts of the finance of the whole city were 40.096 billion RMB, 23.4% more than last year. General budget expenditure was 21.590 billion RMB, up 19.8%. The corporate income tax and business tax maintained high growth, 42.2% and 35.6% more than last year respectively. The input in education was strengthened further, the social welfare redress and labor insurance won more attention, the financial education expenditure was 2.617 billion RMB in the year up 20.2%; Comfort and redress of social welfare expenditure were 432 million RMB, up 31.2%; Social security and allowance expenditure was 816 million RMB, up 36.9%.

The finance ran steadily. The home and foreign currency balance of deposits of financial institutions was 323.068 billion RMB by the end of the year, 46.632 billion RMB more than the beginning of the year. Among them, the RMB balance of deposits was 309.18 billion RMB, 46.321billion more than the beginning of the year. The urban and rural residents’ savings continued increasing. And the balance was 126.289 billion RMB by the end of the year, 13.969 billion RMB more than the beginning of the year. The disposability of the savings became stronger, and the balance of current deposit was 41.269 billion RMB, accounting for 32.7% of the proportion, 1.55 percentage points higher than the same period of last year. The credit general quantity of financial institution increased, and the fund application level improved to some extent. The loan balance of the home and foreign currency of financial institutions was 260.369 billion RMB at the end of the year, 37.094 billion RMB more than the beginning of the year. Among them, 248.361 billion RMB loan balance, 36.619 billion RMB more than the beginning of the year. The home and foreign currency deposits and loans ratio of financial institutions at the end of the year was up 80.6%, 0.23 percentage points higher than the same period of last year. The credit structures were being optimized constantly. By the end of December, the loan of steel, cement, real estate, automobile and textile industry respectively increased by 30.8%, 22.0%, 18.8%, 31.3%, and 15.8% compared with the same period of last year, and the increasing degree dropped by 782.3, 8.2, 41.2, 97.5and 46.1 percentage point respectively. Such loans as the infrastructure construction project, industrial manufacturing industry, personal consumption, etc. continued growing quickly. The increasing degree compared with the same period of last year was 35.9%, 47.8% and 33.2% respectively.

The insurance developed very fast. By the end of the year, there were 17 various insurance companies in the whole city, 3 more than last year; 6 insurance intermediaries, increasing 3. The insurance income was 4.71 billion RMB in the year, 22.1% more than last year, among them, the property insurance income was 1.910 billion RMB, up 44.3%; the personal insurance gained 2.8 billion RMB, up 10.5%. The Payment of all kinds of insurance and indemnity was 1.3 billion RMB in the whole year, 36.9% more than last year. Among them, the property insurance was 954 million RMB, up 38.5%; the personal insurance was 346 million RMB, up 38.4%.

Science, technology and education

The scientific and technological comprehensive strength of the region was promoted further. 440 various city-level scientific and technological projects were implemented altogether in the year. Among them, 114 items were all kinds of agriculture and rural scientific and technological projects; 193 projects were listed in various national scientific and technological plans; 1536 new products above city-level were developed. Ningbo obtained 3559 authorization patents altogether in the year, 139 invention patents among them. The scientific and technical result tested and appraised reached 302 items, among them, 16 achievements getting the award for science and technology of provincial government, 55 achievements obtaining the city-level reward for scientific and technological progress. The industrialization process of new and high technology was accelerated with 57 new city-level new high-tech enterprises asserted newly, 15 newly-increased national-level new high-tech enterprises, and 245 city-level and 53 national-level new high-tech enterprises in all at present. The output value of new high-tech products was 113 billion RMB, and the sales was 108 billion RMB in the year, 27% and 26% more than last year respectively. The technological achievement trade online became more and more active, and the technological achievement online turnover of the whole city was 850 million RMB. The domestic scientific and technological cooperation taking " two institutions and two universities " as focal point was launched in an overall way, introducing 290 new and high technology projects altogether in the year, and introducing, building 20 technology developing organizations. The talent introduction pace was accelerated further, and more than 100 doctors and post-doctors were introduced.

Education was developed in harmony. The whole city had 2515 of different types full-time schools (excluding technical school) with The cultural undertakings grew vigorously. Ningbo held the branch hall performances of the seventh China Art Festival successfully, and undertook the cultural activities of 100th anniversary of comrade Deng Xiaoping’s birth with the 20th anniversary of his epigraph about " Ningbo Group" and the literature soiree of The 8th Fashion Ningbo and series activities of “Fashion October” for masses' clothing. The Yong Opera “The pawned Wife” had obtained the supreme reward of Chinese theatrical circles ---Wenhua Grand Prize, and “the Clever Artisans in My Village” had obtained the musical old group's gold medal of Qunxing Prize. The square culture effect was obvious, holding about 40 times city-level square activities, and the Tianyi Square was chosen as national characteristic demonstration square. The archaeological studies excavation of Mt. Tianluo in Yuyao and Mt. Fujia in Cicheng obtained great discoveries. The population TV coverage rate of the whole city was 99.98%, with and the cable TV users were 1,286,400 households. The digital pay TV succeeded in broadcasting, and 65 programs had already started broadcasting by now.

The health care work was enhanced. The hospitals and community hospitals opened 16,500 ward beds and had 30,000 professional hygiene staffs. There were 111 community hygiene service centers, 23 province-level or city-level community demonstration1,185,000students. The basic education kept the leading level in the whole province, the population permeation rate of nine-year compulsory education was 100% and the rate of school attendance and consolidating of compulsory education kept 100% and 99.9% separately. The graduates rising up into high middle school were 67,400 people, and the rise proportion was 91.79%, 1.5 percentage points higher than last year. The admission rate of unified examination of national university for students who registered was 85.6%, listing in the front in the whole province. 9 counties (cities) districts were chosen as provincial better counties of education, and 128 towns were provincial better towns of education, accounting for 96.97% of the total amount of villages and towns commented of Ningbo. The higher education was developed further, and the finished investment putting into the higher education garden (southern district) was 4,650 million RMB totally. Ningbo Nottingham University had been put into operation on the first half of the year already, which was established by Zhejiang Wanli Institute cooperating with Britain Nottingham University authorized by the Ministry of Education, and recruited the first 254 undergraduates in the year. Ningbo Tianyi Vocational Technical School appeared newly. There were 15 high schools, 96015 students studying in ordinary higher school, 20% more than last year. The gross entrance rate of higher education was 36%, 4 percentage points higher than last year. The vocational education and adult education made new developments, recruiting 4290 special secondary school students, 2032 students of ordinary class of adult's special secondary school, and 26965 students of middle vocational school (including senior vocational school); 152 vocational or adult's school listed in the local government's fixed training organizations.

Culture, hygiene and sports 

 hygiene service centers (station) of among them. The hygiene service coverage rate of three districts in the city was 100%, and its two-pole pattern of “small disease treated in community and serious diseases treated in hospital” took shape basically. The new-type rural cooperative medical treatment system had already been pushed away in an overall way with 109 insured villages and towns and 2,759,000 insured people, covering 72.56% of the people who should be insured. The work of preventing and controlling of the diseases and the law-enforcing work of hygiene supervision had notable effect. The general incidence rate reported of the first and second class infectious diseases was 368.38/ 100,000, in a history low level, the inoculation rate of the planned “five vaccines" immunity for children was more than 95%. The qualification rate of food hygiene sampling was 86.54%, and the incidence rate of food poisoning was controlled in 4.14/ 100,000. The work of establishing and consolidating national sanitary city stepped upon a new stage and passed the examination and identification of National Patriotic Sanitary office favorably. Ningbo became the first national sanitary city of the year 2004 named by National Patriotic Sanitary committee. The free blood donation got on a new high stage, and all the blood used in clinic of the whole city came from unpaid blood donation. Ningbo had won the title of "the advanced city of national unpaid blood donation in 2001-2003 year ".

The sport undertaking achieved a good result again. Ningbo had succeeded in holding such international and domestic large-scale games as the National Men's Volleyball Grand Prix, the National Trampoline Championships, the National Sea Mould Championship, the International Invitational Tennis Tournament and Cixi Competitive Meet of Men's Basketball of China and Australia, etc. The home court match of the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team settled firstly in Beilun and the seventh home court match of ‘Ba Yi’ Men's Basketball Team began in Ningbo. The setting-up project of citizen moved further. Ningbo Swimming Fitness Center and the Elderly sports Activity Center was completed and came into operation, and Ningbo Swimming Fitness Center was managed by the way of trusting for the first time. This had explored a new way for the market-based operation of the public beneficial large-scale gymnasiums in our city. 262 setting-up routes were built up in the community and countryside, and there were 966 in all. “well-to-do sports project” started in an overall way in countryside, and 200 fitness points were built up at present. The sport achievement rose constantly, the shooting player of our city, Wang Chengyi, took a bronze medal bravely. Our city obtained the good results of 2 gold, 2 silver, and 4 copper medals altogether in the nationwide match. The curbstone trains presented the good growth momentum, obtaining 163 gold, 111 silver and 86 copper medals in various provincial contests in the year, and the gold medal amount and general mark occupied first and second separately in the whole province.

Environmental protection

The work of environmental protection continued strengthening. 776 projects not corresponding to the requirements of environment protection were voted down, and the production of some new pollution sources was prevented from fountainhead. Over 70 enterprises had finished the installation and function of the auto-control system in the whole city, and carried out the forthwith supervision. Ningbo organized the emergency maneuver of chemical environment pollution successfully. The working achievement of the smoking-controlling area and the noise-up-to-standard area was expanded and consolidated building up 25 smoking-controlling areas covering 356.3 sq. kms. There were 74 units passing the authentication of ISO14001 environmental quality management system, and Ningbo Scientific and Technological Garden had passed the confirmation of provincial ISO14001 demonstration area already. Atmospheric environment and city noise environmental quality kept a good level, and 336 days’ surrounding air was GradeⅠor GradeⅡ, accounting for 91.8% of the total days in the whole year. The ambient noise of urban area was 52.8 decibels, and the noise of main road was 68.3 decibels.

The construction of ecological city moved forward. Xiangshan County passed the confirmation of national-level ecological demonstration area, and Xiko town in Fenghua obtained the title of “national villages and towns with beautiful environment”. There were 14 villages and towns and 16 administrative villages became province-level or city-level ecological towns and ecological village in the whole city. 

Population, people's lives and social security

Population got a low growth. Total population was 5,527,000 in the whole city by the end of the year, 2,105,000 people of urban area among them. The family-planning rate was up to 98.17%, the synthetically contraception rate of married women of child-bearing age was 90.92%, and the management rate of family-planning for floating population was more than 90%. The birth rate of the whole city was 8.93‰ and death rate 6. 64‰.

The living standard and quality of urban and rural residents continued improving. The per capita disposable income of residents of urban area was 15882 RMN, increasing by 11.2% compared with that of last year, and the per capita expenditure was 11283 RMB, increasing by 7.8%. The Engel coefficient of residents in the urban area was 36.99%. Such consumption expenditures of the service as the travelling, education, culture, and information, etc. were expanded further, and the per capita service consumption expenditure of residents was 3190 RMB, increasing by 13.0%. Traffic and communication expenditure increased fast and the per capita expenditure used in traffic and communication was 1758 RMB, increasing by 25.7%, the proportion of which accounted for the consumption expenditure improving by 22 percentage points compared with that of last year. Per 100 families of urban area held 173 color TV sets, 63 videodisc players, 61.8 private computers, 126.3 air conditioners, 3.8 home automobiles and 162.3 mobile phones on average at the end of the year. The rural per-capita net income of the whole city was 7018 RMB, increasing by 12.8%, personal consumption expenditure was 6102 RMB among them, increasing by 17.5%. Per 100 rural families had 133.9 color TV sets, 52.3 washing machines, 78.4 refrigerators, and 34.4 air conditioners.

The living conditions were being improved constantly. The valuable area of resident's per-capita housing of urban area was 17.63 square meters, and the rate Grade of forming a complete set of the house was 98.75%. The rural per-capita living space was 49.9 square meters, increasing by 3 square meters compared with that of last year.

The social security level was improving constantly. The workers of enterprises enjoying the basic endowment insurance was up to 1,343,100 people, the number of the people 94 who were paying the fees actually was 946,700, only increasing by 126,500 people net compared with that of last year. 192,500 retired people of enterprise got the pension, the monthly income of per capita was 882 RMB, and the level of the pension ranked first in the whole province. 945,000 people in all had applied for the medical insurance, and the number of people had a net increase of 102.500 compared with that of last year. Fixed medical organization and retail drugstores rose to 214, and it was more convenient for the people insured to seek medical advice and purchase medicine. The unemployment insurance treatment was raised to 434 RMB per month. 606,000 people took the industrial injury insurance with a net increase of 132,000people compared with that of last year, and the number of people taking the birth insurance was 369,000. By the end of the year, 365,000 people who were taken over the land joined the endowment insurance, among them 206,000 people enjoyed the endowment insurance monthly. The expenditure of endowment insurance treatment was 415,000,000 RMB in the whole year. 626,000 rural joined the endowment insurance and paid the pension of 13,720,000 RMB in the whole year. The employment and organizational construction of social security at the basic level moved forward in an all-round way. 56 streets, 91 villages and towns and 297 communities had set up the basic units of work insurance service already. The rate of setting up a station of streets, villages and towns was up to 100%, the rate of community was up to 91.1%, and the four-grade employment ensures serving network made up of city, district, street (the village and town) and community took shape basically.
The social welfare undertaking continued developing. There were 181 public institutions of social welfare in all in the whole city with 13399 berths and 10137 people adopted and the number of the urban and rural residents enjoying the low-income insurance and was up to 79438 people.

 Note: Every listed data of the communiqué was the annual preliminary statistics.

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