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ocument of Instruction for Ningbo Statistics Bureau & Ningbo Ins...2011-08-11 11:14:36
Workflow of Applying for Statistical Investigation Program2011-08-11 11:13:24
Document of Instruction for Joint Annual Inspection of Foreign I...2011-08-11 11:06:23
Roles & responsibility of Ningbo Inspection Quadrant of National...2010-09-02 15:00:02
Roles & Responsibilities of Ningbo Statistics Bureau2010-09-02 11:24:05
Instruction for Joint Annual Inspection of Foreign Invested Ente...2010-09-02 11:01:21
Instruction for Survey Office of Inspection Department2010-09-02 10:34:11
Instruction for Ningbo Consumer Price Office of Inspection Depar...2010-09-02 10:28:50
Instruction for Consumer Price Office of Inspection Department2010-09-02 10:24:42
Instruction for Industry Office of Inspection Department2010-09-02 10:13:20
Instruction for Urban Residents Office of Inspection Department2010-09-02 10:11:03
Instruction for Producer Price Office of Inspection Department2010-09-02 10:08:46
Instruction for General Office of Inspection Department2010-09-02 10:06:10
Instruction for Center of General Survey2010-09-02 10:03:56
Instruction for Center of Computation2010-09-02 09:59:50
Instruction for Statistics Bureau’s Party Committee2010-09-02 09:56:14
Instruction for department of Investment Statistics2010-09-02 09:55:28
Instruction for department of Rural Area Statistics2010-09-02 09:54:15
Instruction for department of Tertiary Sector Statistics2010-09-02 09:43:24
Instruction for department of Industrial Sector & Energy Statis...2010-09-02 09:35:52
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