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Average Price of Food in 50 Cities, March 21-30, 2015 2015-04-09 16:08:15
Ningbo Cultural Consumption Forum held2014-09-15 15:41:51
Per Capita Consumption Expenditure of Urban Households by Region...2014-08-08 11:00:01
Urban Household Income and Expenditure by Region (Monthly,M07-2...2014-08-08 10:57:41
Ningbo’s Foreign Trade Volume Joins China’s Top 102014-04-03 10:59:55
First-quarter retail sales hit 45.762 bln yuan2014-04-03 10:58:23
Boom in exporting cultural products 2011-04-11 15:50:34
Daxie Energy and Chemicals Trading Center Set up 2011-04-11 15:49:55
Thirteen Overseas Training Agencies Came to Ningbo to Promote Th...2010-06-18 15:14:36
Import and Export Increased by 20%2009-12-29 09:25:55
Jiangbei Issued Loans of 2.7 Billion yuan in May2009-09-29 09:54:09
Cixi's Family Farms Become the Player of Agricultural Market2009-09-29 09:53:29
6000 Ningbo Enterprises Benefited by Adjusted Export Tax Refund2009-09-29 09:52:51
Merchandise Sourcing Center (Ningbo) Set up 2008-11-21 14:41:59
CPI increased by 3.8% in October2008-11-21 14:24:44
Atmosphere Quality(2006,December)2007-06-05 17:22:50
Tour(2006,December)2007-06-05 17:22:12
Social Security(2006,December)2007-06-05 17:20:58
Main Economic Indicators by Municipal of Zhejiang Province(Ⅱ)(2...2007-06-05 16:04:39
Main Economic Indicators by Municipal of Zhejiang Province(Ⅰ)(2...2007-06-05 16:03:47
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